Hi, I'm Linette Voller. I'm a sketchnoter - AKA visual recorder or graphical facilitator or technical-communicator-through-the-medium-of-doodles. I am a content designer, speaker, design leader, tech evangelist, and lover of shiny things. Find me at: linette@linettevoller.com, mslanei on twitter, or linette voller on linkedin

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While I’d love to show you fine polished videos – with excellent production quality and well rehearsed, tightly edited, script, I think you get more of the measure of a person when you see how they are when they are making it up on the spot!




I created sketchnotes for the 2020 Write the Docs conference and was asked if I could do a lightening talk on taking visual notes with under an hour’s notice. Here it is!



A friend wanted to start using procreate on the iPad to create sketchnotes, so I ran through some of the techniques I used at the time, while recording my ipad output for the first time!